Profile Id : 7767-90| Name : Sneha Raval

Height : 5.01
Birth Place Bharuch
Religion : Hindu
Marital Status : Never Married
Location : Bharuch
Profile Created by : 2254
Education : Bachelor

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Sneha Raval

Personal Information

Birth Place Bharuch
Birth Date (DD-MM-YYYY) 05-09-1990
Photo Preference On request
Height 5.01
Weight 48
Spacts N
Skin Complexion Fair

Belonging to

Merital Status Never Married
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Sub Caste Au.Sahastra
Mother Tongue Gujarati
Native Place Surat
Mosal Surat

Horoscope Details

Age 29 Year
Believe In Horoscope Y
Mangal Y
Shani N
Rashi Aquarius (Kumbha)
Nakshatra Shravishtha/Dhanishta
Nadi Adhya

Educational Information

Education Level Bachelor
Educational Degree - I B.pharm
Educational Degree - II
Occupation Private Job
Occupation Additional QA Officer
Monthly Income Self 20000/-
Monthly Income Joint
Place of Profession Bharuch

Family Details

Father Name Kishorkumar
Father's Occupation Govt Job
Mother Name Jyotsnaben
Mother's Occupation Housewife
Brother Married Nos 0
Brother Unmarried 1
Sister Married 0
Sister Unmarried 0