Nakkshatra :- For Marriage and astroguidence

Nakkshtra is our creation, a social platform, working with the motto to help community in the process of finding right Soul mate( Jivan Sathi) for our beloved ones. It is a passion and purpose for living for Deepak Bhatt who by Profession is a Chemical Engineer and having acquired Post Graduate Diploma in Management is acting as a Counselor. To add, his reach experience of reading, interpreting and discovering hidden truth of more than thousands of Birth charts has made him a Professional Astrologer.
In our Hindu Sanskriti importance of 16 Sanskar is very significant. These are from Garbhadhan to Vivah (panigrahan). Each of this Sanskars has its own relevance and significance in our life.

Marriage (Vivah,Panigrahan )

Panigrahan is also one of these Sanskars when performed with true Vedic rituals, it creates a never-ending happy union. Partners of this union live their life together with the four basic purposes :-

Dharma Arth
Kama Moksha

In this era of Science and Technology, Computer and IT tools has improved average life span and reduced the processing time of almost all functions. But the irony is still we always feel running short of time for doing many rituals and Sanskar activities. Parents and Children both are busy in their life & lifestyle . Process of selection of Soul Mate has become a very complex and challenging task for every one.
We have felt the need and have come forward to help the community in completing this sanskar.


Astrology is given the status of Eye of the Vedas which can see foresee lots of happenings. It is based on specific principles and what is working on specific principles is called Science.
However the whole life and all happenings are explained and controlled by theory of KARMAS. Every Karma has three stages :-

Kriyaman Stage

Also called Doing stage, like if we are entering some data in a Computer System ( using key-board, mouse etc.) it is called Kriyaman stage of Karma. A student preparing for the exam all throughout the year is called kriyaman stage. Once it is over we have to submit the karma (deeds ,data ) to the system, and the next stage starts.

Sanchit Stage

When doing stage is completed, the work is submitted to CPU for processing. We have to select path-programme,software and hardware etc and allow the CPU to process. In our life, this CPU is nature, almighty or Prakriti.
e.g. the data which we have entered and submitted are processed by CPU through selected programmes.This is a passive stage. We just wait and watch.

Prarabdha Stage

It is the result of Karma, deeds we have submitted to the system. It is called luck, fortune, and it depends on type of karma and configuration of system we have chosen. If the result is not as per our expectations then either we have selected improper karma or improper system configuration for submission.
If we can use certain principles to decide right type of karma and appropriate system or even exercising ctrl-delt tab reselect the data and system, we get the desired result.
Astrology is useful in deciding right type of the karma, timeframe and system configuration, (hardware - software selection) to get desired result.
We have felt the need and are having experience to help the community in doing so. Only thing you must have faith in this Vedic science.